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SBI Mutual Fund: Overview

SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd was formed as a joint venture between the SBI and AMUNDI (France), one of the world's leading fund management companies. SBI Funds Management Pvt. has a vast experience of 28 years in fund management with a strong ancestry linked to India's largest bank –State Bank of India (SBI).

Currently, SBI MF has a wide network of over 222 service points across India and entrusted to deliver value and cultivate the trust of investors. With a strong and rich pedigree of the State Bank of India (SBI) group, SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. has been catering to millions of investors through their expertise and consistently delivered the optimum value to its investors. SBI Funds Management company has come up as one of the key players in the Indian mutual fund industry with a bouquet of funds in multiple sectors such as financial institutions, local and international asset management companies, pension funds, etc. SBI MF also unified end-to-end customized asset management products for institutions, discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services.

SBI Funds Management has been effectively managing and guiding India's dedicated offshore funds since 1988. SBI Funds Management is renowned as the first bank to come up with an offshore fund called 'SBI Resurgent India Opportunities Fund'. The objective for these funds was to provide investors with never-before opportunities in long-term growth in capital in a variety of stocks of Indian companies.
The salient features of SBI mutual fund products are:

  • At SBI Mutual Funds, investors are the top priority. The key impetus is always to bring excellence right from the very beginning of product development till the time investors put their money. The philosophy of SBI mutual fund products have been ‘growth through innovation’ backed by SBI’s stable investment policies.
  • The prime mission at SBI has been to establish Mutual Funds as a viable investment option for the masses. In order to do so, SBI has customized innovative need-based products and educated its investors about the added benefits of investing in capital markets via Mutual Funds.
  • SBI has also been actively managing its investors’ assets not only through its investment expertise in domestic mutual funds, but also various offshore funds and portfolio management advisory services for its institutional investors.
  • This makes SBI asset management company one of the largest investment management firms in India, which is currently managing investment mandates of over 5.4 million investors.
  • Long-term capital appreciation for the investor is ensured by a team of expert fund managers. The view and research is not simply driven by any momentum play but by the key objective of generating consistent performance for the investor.
  • SBI mutual funds are known to be ahead of the rest of the industry in terms of identifying new ideas and opportunities and finally resulting in superior stock selection.
  • The investment team doesn’t replicate the index composition with the fund portfolio and the performance of all the funds is benchmarked against a specific index.

Products @ SBI Mutual Funds

SBI MF brings the same lineage it has from SBI group. The products are not only designed to meet the investment requirement of common Indian customer but also generate wealth for its investors. Even though, mutual funds are subject to market conditions and other micro and macro circumstances in Indian and global economy, risk mitigation is another key factor which given SBI mutual funds an extra edge over its competitors.

Risk Management

Being one of the core focus areas, each strategy is based on close scrutiny on a constant process. SBI Funds Management follows enterprise wide approach to risk management with a dedicated, experienced and professional risk management team covering significant functions of the organization.
Risk Management focuses on:

  • Identifying actual as well as potential areas of risk
  • Recommending risk mitigating measures
  • Assessing the competence of internal controls and
  • Protecting investor’s interest through ongoing analysis and continuous monitoring
  • Setting realistic Investment Objective

SBI mutual funds are designed to outperform the industry benchmarks through well researched investments in various Indian equities. In order to achieve this, an active management style is adopted based on fundamental analysis and then construction of a portfolio is done.

SBI mutual fund schemes are as diversified as it could be. The products are blended, large cap, mid cap, or specific sector oriented – all aimed to capture the growth potential of Indian equities.

SBI Mutual Fund Performance

SBI Equity Funds: SBI equity funds offer long term capital appreciation through investment equity stocks/shares of top rated companies. SBI equity funds are known for their consistent performance and offering high return. At the same time these are considered to be high-risk funds.

Fund Managers- Equity

  • R. Srinivasan-Head - Equities
  • Jayesh Shroff- Fund Manager
  • Sohini Andani- Fund Manager
  • Richard D’Souza- Fund Manager
  • Raviprakash Sharma- Chief Dealer & Fund Manager
  • Ruchit Mehta- Fund Manager
  • Tanmay Desai- Fund Manager
  • Saurabh Pant- Fund Manager
  • Dharmendra Grover- Fund Manager
  • Neeraj Kumar- Dealer


Fund Name

SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund - Direct Plan - Dividend

SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund- Direct Plan - Dividend

SBI Blue Chip Fund -  Regular Plan - Growth

SBI Contra Fund

SBI Emerging Businesses Fund

SBI Long Term Advantage Fund - Series III -  Regular Plan - Growth

SBI Magnum Fund

SBI Nifty Index Fund- Regular Plan - Dividend

SBI One India Fund- Dividend

SBI PSU Fund - Regular Plan - Growth

SBI Pharma Fund- Direct Plan - Dividend

SBI Small & Midcap Fund - Direct Plan - Dividend

SBI Tax Advantage Fund- Series III - Regular Plan - Growth

SBI Exchange Traded Funds : ETF or exchange traded funds offered by SBI  MF is a mix of both the open and close ended mutual funds scheme and is traded on the recognized stock markets. The SBI ETF are known to offer a lot of liquidity & lower service charges.

Fund Name

SBI - ETF 10 Year Gilt



SBI - ETF Nifty

SBI - ETF Sensex

Fund of Fund

SBI Gold Fund

SBI Hybrid Funds: SBI hybrid funds invest in a variety of asset classes. The blend of equity and debt and various proportion offers investor multiple variant of hybrid funds to choose from .Some of such funds are:

Fund Name

SBI Capital Protection Oriented Fund

SBI Dual Advantage Fund


SBI Liquid Funds – SBI liquid funds are of low risk category with moderate returns & best suited for investors with the short-term investment horizon. Some of the liquid funds offered by SBI MF are:

Fund Name

SBI Magnum Insta Cash Fund - Direct Plan - Daily Dividend

SBI Magnum Insta Cash Fund - Direct Plan - Growth

SBI Magnum Insta Cash Fund - Direct Plan -Weekly Dividend

SBI Magnum Insta Cash Fund - Regular Plan - Cash

SBI Magnum Insta Cash Fund - Regular Plan - Daily Dividend


SBI Debt Funds- Debt funds by SBI MF is generally a safer investment option, However with a lower return potential than other types of SBI mutual funds. The debt funds by SBI invest in various short-term fixed income securities including, treasury bills, government bonds, commercial paper and certificates of deposit.

Fund Managers - Fixed Income

  • Rajeev Radhakrishnan- Head - Fixed Income 
  • Dinesh Ahuja- Fund Manager 
  • R Arun- Fund Manager
  • Dinesh Balachandran- Fund Manager

Fund Name

SBI Magnum Children’s Benefit Plan

SBI Benchmark Gsec Fund

SBI Corporate Bond Fund

SBI Debt Fund Series

The Team @ SBI Mutual Fund

The performance of a fund depends on the ability of its fund managers to capture the growth potential of Indian securities and manage complex portfolios to deliver optimum results. At SBI the best investment strategies are put together by their Fund Managers with a sharp eye to monitor, and understand the market trends and changes. With advanced securities selection, insightful research, concentrated coverage the dedicated team of fund managers at SBI, ensures minimization of risks while shielding the investor’s interest.

Senior Management

  • Navneet Munot- Executive Director & Chief Investment Officer
  • Vincent Fravel- Vice President – Investments

Portfolio Management Services

  • Ajit Dange- Head PMS (Domestic Business)
  • Rohit Shimpi- Assistant Vice President
  • Amruth Rao- Senior Fund Manager – PMS (Debt)

Other value added services offered by SBI Asset Management Company.

Portfolio Management and Advisory Services

  • SBI Funds Management is one of the leading player in India advising various financial institutions, pension funds, and local and international asset management companies.
  • It has excelled over the years by understanding the investor's requirements and terms of risk / return expectations,
  • Funds are suggested and customized as per the financial objective of each individual and then the asset portfolio recommendations.
  • SBI also offers an integrated end-to-end customized asset management solution for institutions in terms of advisory service, discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services.

Offshore Funds

  • SBI Funds Management has been effectively managed India's dedicated offshore funds since 1988.
  • SBI Funds Management was the 1st bank sponsored asset management company fund to launch an offshore fund called 'SBI Resurgent India Opportunities Fund'
  • The key objective of the fund is to provide investors with opportunities for long-term growth in capital, through well-researched investments in a diversified bouquet of stocks of Indian Companies.

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